STS or Master Switch

is configure for two independent power supply source, these being: the PREFERED SOURCE (PS) and the ALTERNATIVE Source (AS). During normal operation conditions the  MASTER SWITCH powers the load by means of the PS and guarantees continous power supply  by means of the microprocessor that control the static switch.

  • In the event of a distruption or irregularities occurring on the PS the load is transfered to the AS and therefore once the PS return to normal the load is automatically switche back to the PS (a configurable functions).
  • In the case of a short circuit in the output, the master will block transfer to the other source , thus eliminating the risk of spreading the short circuit.
  • There is ilustration of the configuration :

Dynamic DUAL BUS Configuration

The Riello UPS solution guarantees maximum reliability and ensures continuity of power supply under all operating conditions thanks to the UGS option that keeps the two systems, A and B, perfectly synchronised. The flexibility of the UGS system ensures synchronism between the sources even when one of the two systems is not a Riello

UPS model, but made by another manufacturer, or when the input sources are not from uninterruptible power supplies.

Microprocessor control logic ensures:

  • Fast and safe switching between power sources
  • Monitoring of all parameters via LCD display
  • Constant monitoring of SCR operation
  • Advanced remote diagnostics (RS232 and TCP/IP)